US College Team Champs : Trinity win women’s, Penn take Men’s

For the first time in program history, Penn is crowned National Champions!

Men: There have only been five National Champions in the CSA, Harvard, Princeton, Trinity, Navy, and Yale. Today, the CSA named welcomed University of Pennsylvania to that list.

On Sunday morning, top seed Trinity and third seed Penn took the courts at the 2024 CSA National Collegiate Team Championships eager to bring home the Potter Cup. The men did not disappoint. Penn went up 4-1 early on, however, Trinity did not back down. In an exhilarating match, every point had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Simultaneously, the West Court and Court 6 at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center featured several deciding match balls. The crowd watched moving side to side in order to not miss the big moment. While Khamal Cumberbatch (Trinity) and Roger Alber Baddour (Penn) battled it out on Court 6 in one of the most intense matches of the weekend, Omar Hafez clinched the win for Penn on the West Court in a thrilling 13-11 fourth game.


Today, will go down in CSA history naming Penn the National Champion for the first time. The energy this weekend was one of the most electric moments in college squash and all credit goes to all the teams on a riveting and fairly played championship.

Congratulations to the teams on a fantastic season.


As for the women, Trinity clinches its first title since 2014… We heard that an important match for Trinity was won 14/12 in the 5th… More info sooooon…


US College Finals

Stanford, 5th


The 2024 CSA National Collegiate Team Championships began today at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in Philadelphia. This four day tournament features the top 12 men’s and women’s teams who are competing for the Howe Cup (Women) and Potter Cup (Men).

The top four men’s and women’s teams had a bye today giving 8 men and 8 women teams their first matches, with the quarter-finals in the evening session.

Howe Cup (Women’s)

Semi-Finals :
[1] Trinity 8-1 [5] Yale
[3] Princeton 5-4 [2] Harvard

Quarter-Finals :
[1] Trinity 8-1 [8] Cornell
[5] Yale 6-3 [4] Penn
[3] Princeton 7-2 [6] Stanford
[2] Harvard 8-1 [7] Virginia

Round One :
[1] Trinity 
[8] Cornell 5-4 [9] Columbia
[5] Yale 9-0 [12] Tufts
[4] Penn  BYE

[3] Princeton  BYE
[6] Stanford 9-0 [11] Dartmouth
[7] Virginia 5-4 [10] Drexel
[2] Harvard  BYE

Potter Cup (Men’s)

Semi-Finals :
[1] Trinity 5-4 [6] Yale
[3] Penn 5-2 [2] Princeton

Quarter-Finals :
[1] Trinity 5-4 [8] Drexel
[6] Yale 7-2 [4] Harvard
[3] Penn 7-1 [6] Columbia
[2] Princeton 7-2 [10] Virginia

Round one :
[1] Trinity 
[8] Drexel 9-0 [9] Dartmouth
[6] Yale 9-0 [12] Tufts
[4] Harvard  BYE

[3] Penn  BYE
[6] Columbia 8-1 [11] Western
[10] Virginia 5-4 [7] Cornell
[2] Princeton  BYE

Preview :

The College Squash Association (CSA) has announced that the exhilarating end-of-season National Collegiate Team Championships will be streamed live on the SquashTV platform!

This special agreement, specific to this year’s championships taking place at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center, promises to deliver all the action right to your screens, starting Thu 29th Feb.

As the top 12 men’s and women’s teams prepare to battle it out for the prestigious Potter Cup (Men) and Howe Cup (Women), we are excited to bring our community closer to the sport we all love.

This collaboration with SquashTV for the Team Championships allows us to highlight the incredible talent of our student-athletes and the excitement of college squash to a global audience, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the Team Championships.

Steams for all courts can be accessed through the SquashTV platform. While six courts will be streamed directly through SquashTV, the remaining 12 courts will be streamed through the CSA YouTube Channel.

“This is an incredible opportunity for the CSA, for our dedicated student athletes, and our college squash community,” said Harry Smith, Interim League Commissioner of the CSA. “Partnering with SquashTV to stream the Team Championships allows us to showcase the talent and hard work of our players while enhancing the visibility of college squash. It’s about bringing the excitement of college squash to fans everywhere and ensuring accessibility for all.”