Hotels… the Award goes to…

We had four hotels, three in Cairo (Kempinski, Hyatt Regency, and Ritz Carlton) and a compound in El Gouna, Ancient Sands.

Ancient Sands, Steve Cubbins and I were the first clients when it was being built, so we know the place. It’s a good place for families, good breakfast. Very clean and plenty of pools…

Let’s be honest here. I HATED the Hyatt Regency. At all levels. Not getting into details but I need to stress that other members of PSA media colleagues absolutely loved it. Go and figure!

Now, it was our first visit to the  Kempinski, and I loved it truly and utterly. The bedding is incredibly luxurious, nice size rooms, excellent services – loved the Girls in Red me – and the breakfast was just incredible, with 7 different food posts. Loved it truly and utterly.

But still, the Fram’s award goes to… the Ritz Carlton.

Incredible historical place, with sublime lighting and decor, highly trained personnel, kind, efficient, and incredibly client “bien-être” orientated.

Chef Sameh

I have to say the Kempinski breakfast was a hard act to follow, and one day, the Maître D came with Chef Sameh while I was drinking my nth pot of Earl Grey. He asked if I had any special wishes.

‘Well’ I said ‘an Asian corner would be nice’.

From the next morning, I had every day a splendid soup, which made my mornings I have to admit.

But about 2 days later, while working on my reports, I opened the door to Chef Sameh and Wafaa Samy, bringing me a whole tray with Asian salad, sushis and fruits and a fresh juice.

Just a last little one: Years ago, I got from Qatar Tournament Director Hisham Algosaibi a lovely Pandora bracelet that I love very much. I lost it one morning while going to breakfast. I was devastated, and I blamed myself for not locking the bracelet properly.

A few hours later, without much hope nor conviction, I went to reception asking if by any chance someone had found/returned it.

Someone had.

Like I said, the Best Hotel Award goes to Ritz Carlton…