Beng Hee on his way to CHINA!

I hope this goes through the Politically Correct filter, and forgive me in advance if it doesn’t but it’s rather funny that the man who has nicknamed himself ‘China Man’ is going to work…. in China!

Yes, our Beng Hee Ong, after working first in Malaysia, Qatar, then in the US, has chosen his next destination: CHINA!

Fram Gommendy:
So, you are leaving the USSquash scene I hear?

Beng Hee:
Yes, Fram! It has been an honor to serve as the US Head National Coach. I have truly enjoyed working with US Squash and gained much valuable experience over the past three years.

FG: Any thoughts at the point of your life?

BH Well, my sincere gratitude goes out to the players, management team, colleagues, sponsors, and parents for their unwavering support.

FG You must be so proud of the result the US players have reached during your era…

BH Absolutely. During the past three years, both the Women’s and Men’s teams have achieved their highest positions ever, and I am proud to have contributed to their progress in such a short period. A notable highlight was Timmy Brownell reaching the quarterfinals of the recent British Open as the only American, climbing from a ranking of 120 to the top 30. And the Women’s team finished no 2 in World teams, and Men’s 6th position was the highest ever.

This achievement is a testament to the significant progress Team USA has made since 2021.

FG : Can you tell us a bit more about your plans then?

Well, I am excited to announce the launch of my own academy. The opportunity to start this academy arose after meeting several enthusiastic parents seeking a better, more systematic training structure for their children.

The focus is to provide the young players a structured training programme, a platform to support this game from Grassroots to Elite, with each players’ goal in mind and support them in applying school of their choice through squash. Together with dedicated parents, we have founded this academy, with Beijing as our first center, and long term plans to expand to other regions in China.

Since squash became an Olympic sport in 2023, it has gained increasing recognition in China, with a growing demand and rapid rise in young players. The resources and potential here are enormous, and Dream Squash is confident in its ability to impact the development of squash in China, ultimately benefiting the sport on an international scale.

FG: Will it be for China citizens only?

BH: Absolutely not! Our academy is open to players from all countries; we are passionate about creating a hub for the Asian Squash Community.

With my experience as a former player and coach in Malaysia, Qatar, and the USA, I am confident we can offer the squash community exciting opportunities to improve their game and achieve their goals. During my time in the US, I established strong relationships with the American School Squash Association (ASSA). We aim to produce excellent players and look forward to future collaborations with ASSA.

An exciting journey awaits! See you in Beijing, squashers!”