Fram’s Hat Trick

Thoughts from the 2024 Black Ball / El Gouna / Worlds tournaments

Like London buses, after 10 months of onsite-Squash starvation,  three suddenly came in a row.

I have to say I struggled a bit at times, once you pass 29, things get tougher, but it was worth it to watch ‘my babies’, the younger ones I didn’t know yet, the ‘usual suspects’, and the ‘not that young’ friends I have made throughout their careers.

Here are my two-cents thoughts, good, bad, ugly and emotional… not in any particular order…

“All you didn’t know you needed to know about …”

Shots from Heaven

A HUGE thank you to all the photographers that are spending day and night to make sure you guys get the emotions of the matches and of the event. I am nothing with them. Merci. […]

Nele and Paul

Those two are tidying the knot in a few weeks and I can't think of two beings more suitable for each other than those two… […]

The Next Generation…

It's incredibly moving to watch Farida Farag and Shahir Momen dazzling us all… Kids enjoyed BlackBall meeting with the stars!…. […]