Coping with containment : Nour El Sherbini

We’re all suffering from a lack of Squash – and more – so we thought we’d check how some of the players are coping with lockdown, continuing with world champion …

Nour El Sherbini

Best thing about containment ?

Sleeping 10 hours

Worst thing about containment ?

Eating too much

Your favourite indoor games (and your skill level!) ?

Sequence and phase 10

What have you added to your training routines to keep your fitness ?

I’m trying something new every day, and I’m working more on my balance and core – just trying to stay fit

Which other player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to be quarantined with ?

At this moment I’m ready for anyone to join me, pleaseeeeeeee

Have you settled into a routine yet ?

Wake up noon, breakfast, some TV, train for an hour play, some new games, play with my pets, dinner, stay with my family for some time, and then go to bed

How’s your weight:


What have you found hardest to find supplies of ? (and/or missed the most) ?

I miss going to the club to train and see people

What are you most worried about ?


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted ?

Call my friends and meet them in a restaurant in front of the beach, go to the club, and go watch a movie and eat pop corn

Coronavirus in three words ?

Harsh, mean, ugly

Thanks Nour !

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