Present is good, but nothing wrong with Past

I’ve been asked a few times on the podcasts and small interviews I’ve done why I thought Squash Stories had become so popular….I didn’t need to think too hard…it’s definitely because of the huge interest in the players from back in the day….the players who ..lets face it….inspired the people who are helping and nurturing the young players in today’s game and that is something that Squash Stories has showcased from the start…..

We all love watching and following the new crop coming through but what is that without knowing about the icons of the past…the players who influenced them and the classic battles that shaped the modern game….not a lot in my opinion….

The recent documentary ‘A Bronx tale’ paid tribute to the sort of people the whole Squash World should be applauding….yes…the older selfless experienced and talented individuals who without their incredible enthusiasm the game probably would have struggled to survive…

I recall a time when my football team Man City hired a new manager who immediately sacked some ex-players who were working there and had pictures of past triumphs removed because in his words…City were a club ‘living in the past’ and needed to forget all that if they had any chance of success…the fans were appalled and he lasted about 3 months….the answer is of course a balance…respect and involve the players that made the club what it was as well as what was happened at present… Guardiola is in awe of our legendary players and they are a massive part of the current set-up and you know what..the fans LOVE him for it…

Don’t want to panic anyone but there does appear to be a new movement in the game that have no appreciation of any of this and are more interested in PC’ness and following PC trends than in the actual game or its history …..terms have been used like the horrifying..’worrying age demographic’ used to describe our clubs…EXCUSE ME…it is what it is I’m afraid…appeciate who IS actually playing our game regardless of AGE…I KNOW that our sport is open to EVERYONE..young, old, men , women….if more older people are playing so what……no one say’s that there is a worrying age demographic in Crown Green bowling….lets not be ‘AGEIST’ eh…I know its not one of the more popular ‘Ism’s’

Because we dont MOAN as much as the others but its actually the most prevelant and is hardly mentioned..the world is going mad…just hope Squash isn’t overun by this wave of bizarre individuals….

Maddox Unplugged