Coping with containment : Ali Farag

We’re all suffering from a lack of Squash – and more – so we thought we’d check how some of the players are coping with lockdown, continuing with …

Ali Farag

Best thing about containment ?

Spending more time with the family

Worst thing about containment ?

Missing squash

Your favourite indoor games (and your skill level!) ?

Playstation 🙂 skill level is not bad

What have you added to your training routines to keep your fitness ?

Doing two fitness sessions most days (which I rarely ever did before)

Which other player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to be quarantined with ?

Most: Nour.

Have you settled into a routine yet ?

Watching a squash match nearly everyday to stay in the zone.

But I’ve barely picked up a racket since Canary Wharf.

How’s your weight:


What have you found hardest to find supplies of ? (and/or missed the most) ?

Nothing really el hamdulellah

What are you most worried about ?


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted ?


Coronavirus in three words ?

A good reminder…

Thanks Ali !

Ali’s Photo Gallery (6,000+)

Ali v Mo …

Fantasy success for Farag

Ali has been pretty successful off court – he was voted the winner of both Fantasy tournaments that we’ve run so far – the Grasshopper Cup and the El Gouna International.

Unless he ‘does a Peter Nicol’ though, he won’t be part of the winning team for the next Fantasy tournament, the Fantasy European Teams, coming up next week …

If you’re missing seeing Ali play, here’s his ‘real’ El Gouna semi-final from last year.

Ali’s Photo Gallery (6,000+)