Coping with Containment : Georgia Adderley

We’re all suffering from a lack of Squash – and more – so we thought we’d check how some of the players are coping with lockdown, starting with …

Georgia Adderley

Best thing about containment ?

Dog snuggles

Worst thing about containment ?

Not seeing my friends

Your favourite indoor games (and your skill level!) ?

Just purchased a wii. And bowling is one of my finest skills

What have you added to your training routines to keep your fitness ?

Doing yoga every day! 1 physical session every day (either strength, cardio, conditioning or speed). Using a wall in the sitting room as the squash wall. All the photos have been taken down  (watch the video in Georgia’s twitter feed at the end)

Have you settled into a routine yet ?

9:00   wake up
9:15   breakfast
9:30   yoga
10:00   attempted uni work
11:00   first session
12:00   lunch
2:00   second session
4:00   dog walk
5:30   FaceTime
7:00   dinner and criminal minds

Which other player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to be quarantined with ?

Being quarantined with the Scotland girls would be both brilliant and messy

How’s your weight:


What have you found hardest to find supplies of ? (and/or missed the most) ?

Flour has been a struggle as were frozen peas strangely

What are you most worried about ?


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted ?

See my friends and probs go out for a meal!

Coronavirus in three words ?

Absolutely no words

Thanks Georgia !

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