Dutch PSL : Women’s Round Eight

Dutch PSL Women's Round Eight
  • Frans Otten Stadion 2-1 Grant Thornton Victoria  (6-3)
  • Squashtime Eindhoven  1-2 ‘Meersquash (5-7)
  • KPI Squash Utrecht  2-1 Rixax Squash Almere  (7-3)

Frans Otten dent Victoria’s hopes as Utrecht extend lead

Eight down, two to go.

Utrecht, after a tougher than expected win over Almere,  are now leading the league with a 10 point lead over Victoria Rotterdam, who lost out away to Frans Otten Stadion.

That win kept the Amsterdam side in with a chance, but does not have matters in their own hands anymore.

Squashtime were beaten at home by ‘Meersquash to end their chances of lifting the title.

However there is also a battle going on behind the scenes about the regulatory 12-0 loss of Squashtime against Squash Utrecht, because Victoria Rotterdam has filed an appeal against the federation’s verdict, saying they’re disadvantaged without having part in the cause.

So whatever happens in the next two rounds, Squash Utrecht’s lead might not be what it seems…


Round 8 of the Dutch Ladies PSL is upon us and since we are three matches away from the end we can expect some spicey matches and strong line-ups.

It’s the story behind the matches however that is much spicier. Almere and ‘Meersquash are too far behind to be a factor in the title race. Frans Otten Stadium and Squashtime on paper still have a small chance, but one of them winning the league could be considered an act of God. And as it seems now, Squash Utrecht and reigning champions Victoria will decide who will lift the trophy in the end.

Boost for Utrecht

But now the possible gamechanger. On the 20th of December Squashtime played Squash Utrecht in the first half of the competition. Due to circumstances, Squashtime only had 2 players, but miraculously ‘won’ the match 6-6. Utrecht in return contested the score and won. After they won the appeal they were awarded a regulatory 12-0 win.

The base for that decision is very defendable, but that would also have been the case if Utrecht would have lost their appeal. In the last match of the season Utrecht will play Squashtime again and there will probably be a score to be settled. Utrecht has a very strong team, but so does Squashtime and they have the better Dutch player…

Tonight’s big match

Anyway, big match of round 8 is between Frans Otten Stadium and title contenders Victoria. Frans Otten has PSA-11 Salma Hany making her home debut and she will play two-time Dutch Champion Fleur Maas.

    • Frans Otten Stadion (7/4/53) v Grant Thornton Victoria (7/6/68)
    • Squashtime Eindhoven (7/4/53) v ‘Meersquash (7/1/28)
    • KPI Squash Utrect (7/6/71) v Rixax Squash Almere (7/0/8)

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