Dutch PSL : Utrecht take the Women’s title

Dutch PSL : Women's Round TEN

Round Ten : Utrecht clinch the title as Rotterdam fall to shock defeat …  

Squash Utrecht 3-0 Squashtime Eindhoven (9-1)

‘Meersquash 2-1 Victoria Rotterdam (7-5)

Almere  0-3 Frans Otten Stadion (0-9)

Yesterday came an end to a very exciting championship race between Squash Utrecht and Victoria Rotterdam. Before the matches started the difference between both teams was only 2 points, head-2-head result was in favor of Victoria and on the background there was stillen a possible 6 points deduction for Utrecht giving Vicotria some extra hope. Therefor Utrecht and Victoria both had only 1 job: win and win big.

Squash Utrecht, with SJ Perry lined-up, were the absolute favourite in the homematch against Squashtime Eindoven. Megan van Drongelen losing the first game against Naomi Nohar however gave Utrecht a quite unexpected false start. After this minor mishab Utrecht quikly got its act together and won the match without losing a singel game.

At ‘Meersquash the second contender, Victoria Rotterdam, had a dramatic evening. Firstly Dutch team player Juliette Permentier very surprsingly lost to youngster Elcke Mols giving Rotterdam the worst possible start thinkable. In the second match Grace Gear was able to level the score against Marie Stephan so the third game would be decisive. Victoria’s Elise Romba started well taing the first game against Dutch supertalent Renske Huntelaar, but from that point Huntelaar went into overdrive winning 3-1 and crushing every hope of Victoria on winning the title.


Squash Utrecht is only two points ahead of Victoria Rotterdam so every game is of the utmost importance and just the tiniest mistakes can be decisive.

To not be dependent of chance, Squash Utrecht has flown in SJ Perry to lead the team to victory, but they face a Squashtime team determined to right the wrong of last December in which they beat Utrecht, but were awarded a regulatory 0-12 defeat.

Rotterdam on the other hand faces a surprisingly strong ‘Meersquash so no free lunches in Hoofddorp either.

Due to the earlier mentioned administrative battle that is going on on the sidelines, Squash Utrecht will need to increase their lead over Victoria to 6 points in order to secure the title. If that doesn’t happen we might be in for a very exciting judicial summer …

Last match of the evening between Squash Almere and Frans Otten Stadium promises to be a festive end of the season for both teams and the crowd.