Dutch PSL : Men’s Playoff QF Second Leg

Houtrust and Frans Otten Stadium have made it through to the semifinals of the Premier League playoffs.

Frans Otten 6-4 Squash Apeldorn (15-5)
Houtrust 6-4 Squash Ridderk (13-7)

Frans Otten Stadium just needed two games to advance and directly saw Sebastiaan Hofman take the first two games against Andre Igelbrink. With the pressure off and a little party on the stands Omar Meguid took on Yannik Omlor in the second match and turned it into a masterclass of top quality squash, beating the German 3-1. Last game was between Colombian team Veteran Andres Vargas and Argentinian grinder Robertino Pezzota. Pezzota saved Apeldoorns honour winning the first match over two legs for Apeldoorn.

Houtrust needed 3 games to secure the win and just like in the other match that directly happened in the first 3 games. Sam Gerrits righted his wrong from a week earlier and put Rene Mijs in his place with an easy 3-0. Mahesh Mangaonkar in the second match managed to beat Ivan Perez relatively comfortable evening the score. Last match between Velavan Senthilkumar and Edwin Clain ended in 3-1.

First leg of the semi final is on the 22nd of March. Frans Otten Stadion will receive Coulisse Twente and Houtrust will receive Victoria Rotterdam. Line-ups are still uncertain.

Preview :

Every Point Counts

Today at 19:30 GMT+2 it’s the second leg of the quarterfinals of the playoffs, and we will learn which teams will advance to the semi-finals.

Frans Otten v Squash Apeldorn (9-1)

First match is between Frans Otten stadium and Squash Apeldoorn and Apeldoorn is hanging by a thread due to their 1-9 loss in the first leg. Today’s matches are expected to be close so it would be considered a miracle if Apeldoorn survives this round.¬† The winner plays Twente in the semis.

Houtrust v Squash Ridderk (7-3)

Second encounter is between Houtrust and Squash Ridderkerk. Houtrust managed to win the first leg 7-3, but that is less comfortable than it seems. Also here there are some close matches and if Ridderkerk manages to win two of them, they might very well make it through. The winner plays Rotterdam in the semis.

Different rules in competition squash so unexpected results are never far away and fireworks is to be expected.

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First Leg Results