Dutch PSL – Women’s Week Three

Victoria Victorious in Round Three crunch match

No real upsets in round three of the Dutch women PSL, but the league is heating up as a top-two scenario becomes top-four.

In the battle between the league leaders Victoria Rotterdam absolutely crushed Frans Otten stadium 12-1. British National Champion Jasmine Hutton saw Alexandra Fuller coming close before taking the win 3-1, but in the other matches Fleur Maas and Marie van Riet didn’t allow their opponents Emilia Korhonen and Suzanne Peters to even get to the ‘big points’. With a win this big, Rotterdam took a giant leap towards the championshionship

Squash Almere went down 1-12 in their home match against Squash Utrecht. Surely, long time rivals Daniek Krukkert and Megan van Drongelen had an interesting matchup in store, which would be decided 3-1 in favor of Squash Utrecht, but on positions two and three Brenda Sariowan and Coco de Koning had no chance against Nija Urh and Chloe Foster.

Most exciting match of the evening was between ‘Meersquash and Squashtime and we were close to what could have ben the upset of the season. First match saw young Dutch Talent Elcke Mols surprised everyone beating Naomi Nohar in 5, from whom she had never won even a game before. But secondly 15 yo Renske Huntelaar almost shocked the nation making it to matchball in the fourth game against Saskia Beinhard, only to lose in 5. Last match saw 6 time Dutch National Champion Milou van de Heijden beat Gabi Fritsche in straight and easy games, giving Squashtime an 11-5 win.

Overall Rotterdam took a good lead on the road to the championship, but does not have the luxury of being able o make mistakes as Frans Otten Stadium, Meersquash and Squash Utrecht are still close. With Squashtime playing Victoria Rotterdam and Squash Utrecht playing Frans Otten next round fireworks can be expected.


Eyecatcher will be the battle between Victoria Rotterdam and Frans Otten Stadium, the number one and two of the league and only separated by one point. They will be battling each other in a showcase line-up featuring Jasmine Hutton, Alexandra Fuller, Emilia Korhonen and Dutch champion Fleur Maas.

On paper Victoria is the favourite to win all three matches, but surely the Frans Otten Stadium ladies have a fair chance in all matches.

In the other matches Squashtime Eindhoven and KPI Squash Utrecht will have a good possibility of closing the gap with the top two as they’re playing the weaker ‘Meersquash and Squash Almere teams.

Would this scenario become reality, we’ll be looking at a top-four in stead of a top-two, all facing eachother in the fourth fixture.

Special attention goes out to the leader of the ‘Meersquash team, Renske Huntelaar. The Dutch revelation just turned 15 and will be facing Germany’s Saskia Beinhard. If you want to find big upsets, this match is where you start looking…