James Willstrop plus Malcolm’s funeral arrangements

The messages and tributes received over the last week have been very special, and reading each and every one has given those closest to Malcolm comfort. To think so many have seen fit to respond makes me very proud of Malcolm.

What has been mentioned by many are hos complexities and the way his unique outlook reached a whole spectrum of People.

It was never just about world class squash players or standard, his beloved work with local schools – the way he and his staff at Pontefract helped children in their often difficult lives through the medium of squash – was something that gave him more of a sense fulfilment than anything.

The messages and memories really have been at times difficult but affirming to read, and I have learnt a lot about my old man from them too!

Love you Malc, will miss you.

Thanks you everyone for every word, most sincerely.


Funeral arrangements

A service will take place at Pontefract Crematorium at 1.45pm on Monday 17th May.

Numbers inside are extremely limited but there is no restriction on people showing up and joining us within the grounds.

People are also very welcome to come to Pontefract Squash Club directly after the service.

We have no midea on potential numbers, so we should just say that the club will nave to abide by Covid restrictions in place if necessary. There will be plenty of outdoor space.

Malcolm ordered no Black, tracksuits of course to be encouraged, shirts not necessarily tucked in.

In a funeral related scribble in one of his numerous notebooks he asked that people ‘have fun’.