Mick Todd: “the Booming Voice is silent” ++

Malcolm Willstrop…

After nearly 40 years of knowing, learning, watching, working and travelling around the world with this opinionated eccentric genius of a man….the booming voice is silent.

The most selfless and giving man I knew and maybe will ever know, has been taken from us and part of me has gone too, the world is a changed place without him.

So what happens now?

We “move on” we all “get back to work”, all his quotes, and we carry on delivering the legacy that he began and left us in the squash world and beyond.

This amazing man that presented as immortal, a man whom had an affect in some way, good or maybe not so good, on whoever he met.

He will never be forgotten and his work will live on through all the people that knew him well as we endeavour to carry on his amazing work. This dynamic maverick, continued to learn, adapt, change , teach, coach, mentor whilst remaining an old fashioned gentleman with a romantic heart.

The man I admired frustrated the hell out of me. In a single day I could be mad with him, cringe at his verbal. He would upset the apple cart but sleep well at night.

His endless lists, especially his favourite one, his many scribbles and notes on betting slips will remain a wonderful memory.

He left his mark on so many he met, he is missed so much already.

And be warned…misbehave at your peril as he’s watching and that’s “an odds on favourite”…

Until next time my good friend…