Sarah Campion, Kirsty McPhee

The loss of Malcolm leaves a huge hole in the lives of so many. Very few people in life have the ability to effect others in such a profound way, as malcolm did.

His passion for the game still burned strong in his eighties as he continued to work day in day out, so committed was he to the game, and all his players.

His influence runs deep within clubs, coaches and players the world over. An amazing legacy left by an extraordinary man.

Malcolm you will continue to be a huge inspiration to me, and I will miss your wise words, immense positivity, unrivalled wit and wry smile as you poke fun!

I felt touched that you considered me “family” and our girls, always loved to visit and play squash with you, of course always opting for the chocolate at the end of a session, as opposed to the fruit…..Chips off the old block!

Farewell, we will miss you and you will always have a special place in our hearts.


The saying these days is not all hero’s were cape’s! This one wore his trackies and turned up day in and day out to give opportunity to all genders, age, race and backgrounds. Never was it about anything else other then his love for the sport and the people who played it!

I have never grafted as hard to try to get some one to like me, (he probably still doesn’t) however that never stopped him from coaching, mentoring and supporting me through squash and having my back in my career.

I am truly thankful for every opportunity you have given me! Finish on a quote “Men speak a mere 7,000 words a day, women on avrage 20,000. Kirsty you seem to speak double that, DONT USE THEM ALL ON MY COURT!”

Sending love to James, Vanessa and the rest of Malcolm’s family ❤ RIP Malc.