Marcus Berrett: “What did Malcolm teach?”

I wanted to pass on my deepest sympathies to James, Vanessa, Camps, Cristy, Beach, Mick and all those who will be feeling a huge loss at this time.

Malcolm was definitely a unique character that had the ability to be either the scariest man you ever met as well as the funniest, depending on the situation.

On court we’ve heard he was a genius of coach, his genius was the ability to make the game of squash incredibly simple.

What did he teach?

Be relaxed
Hit the ball cleanly
Keep it tight
Express yourself
And be tough.

What more do you really need?

Add to that, he believed in you as a player (and it didn’t matter what level you were) which left you thinking “well I must be alright if Malcolm thinks I’m half decent”.

Despite being one of the most successful squash coaches in history producing decent squash players was never Malcolm’s driving force, he was more interested in producing decent people. The people that were lucky enough to be coached by Malcolm have a lot to thank him for.

What did he teach?

Have a sense of humour
And never, ever take yourself too seriously

What more do you need?

The squash world has lost a great character but his legacy will continue. After reading various posts on social media you can be sure that Nick Taylor in America, Paul Hornsby in New Zealand, Myself in Italy, Camps in Manchester will be having their players practicing down the side walls or playing3 ball in the Ponte way. I’m sure it will be the same for Andrew Cross in Malaysia and Saurav Ghosal in India along with countless others all over the world.

Thanks for everything Malcolm, on and off the court. RIP

(Ps Malcolm would hate these words, they’re far too serious)