Megan Evans, Jeremy Colton, Phillip Marlow

Phillip Marlowe 
Squash has lost a Titan today.

When Malcolm spoke, people listened.

If there is a “balcony in the sky”, he’ll be standing on it watching over us.

My condolences to all who loved him.

Jeremy Colton

The world of Squash will certainly never be quite the same.

Too many achievements to list, one of the few people who absolutely deserved his reputation as one of the best coaches the game has ever seen.

Condolences to @james_willstrop and the family.


I remember first going to Ponte at 11 years old after I met him at the B Jnr Open & he invited me down. I knew of him & who he coached but only till I got there did I realise how kind he was.

Thank you so much for everything Malcolm.