Mastering Movement with Jonathon Power

We’ve always been of the firm belief that you’re only as good as your movement, and if you listen to JP in his new playlist, we think you’ll be inclined to agree.

Jonathon Power was perhaps one of the most explosive movers the game has ever seen! His ability to get on to a ball quickly, take time away from opponents, and create a load of different options meant that he was at times, virtually impossible to play.

In this new series, JP explains why movement is so important, he explains how to move the ball, how to steal fractions of a second with every approach, the importance of the split step, and how to recover quickly to your ‘home’ in the middle of the court.

It’s a fascinating insight that allows us to understand the nuance and precision that JP put into his training, allowing him to become the best in the world.

If you’re looking to move more effectively, increase your speed, and create more options, then who better to learn from than the great man himself…