Fitness Focus For Masters Squash Players – With Gary Nisbet

In this series, SquashSkills Fitness & Performance Director Gary Nisbet explains how to train efficiently and effectively as a Masters squash player.

As we age, we inevitably encounter changes in our physical and athletic capabilities. However, for squash players, the golden years are not a signal to slow down but an opportunity to adapt and refine our approach to the game we love.

Drawing from a wealth of experience and insights offered by Gary in this series, we explore key strategies for Masters players to not only maintain but elevate their squash game, with topics covering:

    • The importance of embracing strength and stability
    • Speed and agility drills
    • How to address endurance training
    • How to train smart
    • Tournament preparation

Masters squash represents a brilliant opportunity to keep fit, be social, and excel at one of the world’s most challenging sports. With tailored training, strategic focus, and a smart approach, who knows what level you might be able to achieve.

This is one of the best and most actionable playlists we’ve ever produced, and is a must-watch for any Masters squash player.