A Tactical Blueprint For Masters Squash | With Jesse Engelbrecht

A Tactical Blueprint For Masters Squash | With Jesse Engelbrecht

In this new coaching series, Jesse Engelbrecht lays out a brilliant blueprint for masters squash. It’s a highly specific coaching series that focuses on the tactics masters players can apply to their games with the ultimate goal of winning more matches.

‌As ever, Jesse’s clear and concise delivery highlights the changes that you can make to your game today in order to deliver results on court.

Over the course of the playlist you’ll learn the following:

  • Adapt Your Physical Game: Learn to leverage your experience and finesse to compensate for changes in physicality.
  • Tactical Play is Key: Master the art of strategic play with tips on varying pace, height, and angles to outsmart younger, faster opponents.
  • Efficiency Over Endurance: Discover techniques for efficient movement and swing, maximising impact while conserving energy.
  • Mental Agility Wins Points: Enhance your mental game with strategic insights and smarter decision-making on the court.

This is an excellent playlist designed to help masters players become more effective. If you’re serious about improving your level be sure to check out the brand new series today!