So funny (not haha funny, more weird funny) to be back in Nantes after three years (thanks COVID). One of the great things about the event is that the IBIS Styles Hotel is about 20 seconds from the train station. And I always come by train from Paris, wherever I am  in the world.

It’s around 2h from Gare Montparnasse, trains are clean, fast, and easy access for people with my mobility worries. And off you go, lifts to get out of the station – which works – 20s later, at reception, key in hand.

The hotel has now become a *** hotel, which means the rooms are not bigger, but they are all refurbished, still no kettle though, but a fridge filled! And a safe.

As I arrived end of afternoon in Nantes, I have to say I crushed in the comfy bed for 2h. Family life is not that simple at the moment, and I welcomed that little bit of calm before the storm…

Went to have a bite to eat, got a lovely lovely place which I warmly recommend, called l’Alsacien. Again, seconds from the hotel, the personel is young, energetic, professional and pleasant, the food was cheap and delicious. And the “Flammekueches“, don’t ask the translation, not a clue but it’s like a pizza with a very very thin crust, so less calories – that’s my story and I’ll stick to it, let me dream – are truly excellently delicious!

Then, back to the hotel, where I was so happy to see a few people I hadn’t seen since COVID, like LovelyGumpy Laurent Cossa, from SquashTV, SharpMind Matt Coles – one of the wittiest lad alive – ClickMaster Nathan Clarke, who seemed to enjoy his experience in the Commonwealth Games as much as I did a few years back.

We were placed in the stategic point of the hotel – between reception/bar/lift, which means we were able to spot/chat to every single squash player/official that came by, and I switched constantly from French to English… Fun moment, catching up, nagging, taking the mickey of each other, putting the world of squash right, well, a normal evening at the office…

Tomorrow, we start a new event in Nantes, I could tell you where it’s going to all happen, or how, with whom, but then I would have to kill you. So just wait a few more hours….