Dutch PSL : Men’s Semis 2nd Leg

Victoria Rotterdam and Coulisse Twente both made it through to the final of the Dutch PSL playoffs!

Twente, who were basically already through after the first leg, needed less than two hours to send a Frans Otten B-team home to Amsterdam with a big 12-0 win.

In the other match all focus was on the first match between Piëdro Schweertman and Samuel Gerrits. Where Schweertman was able to just squeeze out a win in the first leg against Gerrits, he confirmed his superiority over the Dutch supertalent in yesterdays match with a solid 3-1 win. Iker Pajares  in the next match looked like turning the tables when he took the first game against Joel Makin, but it was the last convulsion of the brave Houtrust warriors. Jakub Solnicky completed the party by beating Ivan Perez 3-1, where he had lost their first leg encounter.

The finals will be played on Wednesday the 12th of June. Line-ups are not available yet, but It is hard to imagine that Joel Makin, Raphael Kandra and Simon Rösner haven’t freed their schedule…

Preview :

It’s leg two of the Dutch PSL Semi Finals tonight, and all eyes are on the match between Victoria Rotterdam and Houtrust.

Last week Rotterdam managed to squeeze a very close 6-5 win when Piedro Schweertman beat Samuel Gerrits 3-2 in the final match. And with both teams still having a good shot at making it to the final, the line-up is nothing less than spectacular.

First up is Joel Makin v Iker Pajares and Jakub Solnicky v Ivan Perez. But the big kicker and possibly decisive match will be played at the start of the evening and is again between Schweertman and Gerrits. Gerrits is still young but gaining  rapidly on the reigning and eight time Dutch Champion

The other semi-final is basically a done deal. Twente won last week’s match 9-0 and just needs one game to advance to the final. Frans Otten’s line-up consists of their local heroes Juan Vargas, Sebastiaan Hofman and Daniel Lagewaard (yours truly!) – all good players but not considered strong enough to beat Raphael Kandra, Balasz Farkas and LJ Anjema.

In spite of that spectacular matches can be expected with top players showcasing the beautiful sport of squash.

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