Dutch PSL FINAL : Twente 2-1 Victoria


Dutch Premier League 2023/24 : MEN'S FINAL

Coulisse Twente 2-1 Victoria Rotterdam

Laurens Jan Anjema 3-0 Joeri Hapers   11-2, 11-4, 11-6
Raphael Kandra 1-3 Joel Makin  6-11, 3-11, 13-11, 8-11
Simon Rosner 3-1 Piedro Schweertman  9-11, 11-4, 11-9, 15-13

In a packed Frans Otten Stadium Victoria Rotterdam  set out to defend its title against Coulisse Twente.

The first match was a masterclass given by former World #9 LJ Anjema, who relentlessly showed Joeri Hapers all corners of the court, giving Twente a 3-0 lead.

Second match of the evening was between Joel Makin and Raphael Kandra. Even though Kandra from time to time amazed the crowd with his silky hands, Makin never really lost control of the game, despite losing the third game.

With the score tied it was up to Simon Rösner and Piëdro Schweertman to decide who would lift the trophy. On paper Rösner had a slight advantage, however it was Schweertman who took the first game using a fierce attacking tactic. After that, in the second game, Rösner found his game and tied the score in games quite easily. Third game also went to Rösner, but Schweertman was very close. Tension in the stadium rised.

In the fourth game Schweertman had sevral good opportunities to enforce a fifth game, bringing the final to an absolute climax. However it was Rösner who cashed in his third matchball, bringing the title back to Twente.

Preview :

On the neutral ground of the Frans Otten Stadium in Amsterdam,  Victoria Rotterdam and Coulisse Twente will meet tonight to decide who wins the Dutch Premier League 2023-2024.

Victoria, in search of their third title in a row, lined up with Joel Makin, reigning Dutch Champion Piëdro Schweertman and reigning Belgian champion Joeri Hapers.

Coulisse, hoping to secure the title after three years of drought, comes with Raphael Kandra, Simon Rösner and LJ Anjema.

On paper Victoria slightly is the underdog, but big chance the championship will be decided in the last game of the evening between Rösner and Schweertman.

But apart from the lineups there is some other good news in the the final will be broadcast live on SquashTV, making it the first ever competition match to have that honour.

The match will be free to watch, but a registration is required. Entry at the stadium is free so a big crowd is expected.