Stafford Murray

A very, very sad day, and a huge loss to the sport of squash and more importantly personally to many people around the world. My sincere love and condolences to jimbo, Vanessa, camps, beach, toddy, his gkids, and so many others that he was an integral part of life and squash. As with many others I’m sure, this has hit me and my wife Sarah hard.

I first got to meet Malc at an under 12 national squad in Telford in 1986 where he was one of the coaches. He told me off for being scruffy, late and arrogant, which at the time I totally disagreed with, however, with hindsight and age he was probably right. Over the years since we worked together with the England teams in various guises with DP, carts, camps, Pj, jimbo, beach, Pete Nicol, nick m, Jenny d, Alison, Laura, Pete b, snide, grant man, Sarah k, to mention only a few (apologies to those I left out) enjoying success worldwide, not always agreeing on the minuscule detail (which is healthy in sport) but always philosophically aligned on the player being most important. Over the proceeding years I was lucky enough to be part of jimbos and beaches (and others within malcs camp) career and truly enjoyed working with Malc during these times.

The most vivid and lasting memories come from the vision Malc had about combining music and squash, which he nailed. He and Sylv Richardson (from simply red and many other world leading bands) created a squash based band called lost for words that toured uk for 5-10 years entertaining people with squash and music through a brilliant show around the clubs and tournaments which I was privileged to be part of.

His passion around this was infectious. Through this myself and my wife Sarah grew really close to Malc, James, beach, camps, Sarah, Vanessa, toddy, Nicola, Andy n and the other great musos/friends and I still remember how happy these evenings made him, ourselves and others feel. I tried to find some pictures of these wonderful nights on the the tinternet to no avail, so if any has some please post. It was especially wonderful when Malc and the ponte gang came to our wedding in Shropshire 15 years ago and blessed us with Yorkshire humour and love, which we adored and will never forget.

Malc will Rest In Peace, but your legacy will not rest, it will continue though the ages

Love from Staff and family