“What would Malcolm say”?

I am a Squash Player….انا لاعب اسكواش

Fram Gommendy … thoughts

At that moment where I see the World of Squash going bonkers, straight to the world of American Football meets rugby sprinkled with the worst of what football brought to the world, I am thinking: “what would Malcolm Willstrop say”.

This morning, again reading some headlines stating that all I loathe in my sport is being praised, and explains how we need to change Squash to lower than the lowest standard that has ever been, I realised I had only two solutions.


At the end of the day, Squash cost me thousands of pounds, literally, not a figure of speech. And if I accepted to be paid peanuts for years I did it because our sport, MY sport, is worth is. But at the moment, I feel we are going to the Bully World of Hell Wall, straight into it, with its endless lines of conspiracy, victimisation, violence, useless aggression not to mention lack of basic respect and sportsmanship.

With that add some financial crisis that is making me wonder why sticking to a sport that values what I do not recognise anymore.


Instead of praising negativity and violence, spoiling our sport with ‘fake-news’ and destroying my love for Squash, digging dirt whenever it’s possible – this ‘squashfan that writes about it’ will fight.

How? I haven’t thought that far yet. But I am NOT going to stand by watching a few destroying the value of the most STUNNING game evah. Over my dead body. And as at the moment, there is a heck of a lot of it (my body), so it wouldn’t be that easy to kill off.

What would Malc say? ” Don’t call me GrandDad, and is that the best you can do? “