A Complete Guide to Balanced Fitness Training, with Olivia Fiechter

A Complete Guide To Balanced Fitness Training, With Olivia Fiechter

Join World top 9 ranked professional squash player, Olivia Fiechter, for a 6-week in-depth fitness program that will take you from where you are now to a whole new level of performance.

You’ll learn:

✓ The key components of the squash player’s physical profile.
✓ The best way to adapt your workouts according to available facilities and equipment.
✓ How to train to maximise improvements across the different elements of fitness.
✓ The importance of being efficient and making the best use of your available training time.
✓ The most effective drills and exercises for a full range of physical attributes.

The course starts 28th February. Sign up now and get ready to transform your physical fitness and reach new heights in your squash performance!