Coping with Containment : Sarah-Jane Perry

British Champion Sarah-Jane Perry isn’t in this week’s Fantasy Manchester Open, so what is she up to during the Squash Slowdown ???

Sarah-Jane Perry

Best thing about containment ?

Getting the jobs done in my house I’ve been putting off.

Worst thing about containment ?

Not being able to play squash even though I’m healthy and fit.

Your favourite indoor games (and your skill level!) ?

Online quizzes against friends at the moment. Otherwise the usual logic problems, sudoku etc.

What have you added to your training routines to keep your fitness ?

Trying to replicate some of the movements I would have been doing on court, using the time to address some areas of weakness.

Anything involving any hand eye coordination. I don’t have a wall to hit against so trying to use bands etc to replicate swinging.

Which other player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to be quarantined with ?

Most with Alison Waters as we have spent a lot of time rooming together and wouldn’t kill each other.

Least Amanda Sobhy because I’d be in all 100 of her Instagram stories every day looking terrible.

Have you settled into a routine yet ?

Get up at 8am, have breakfast and coffee, foam roll, first session, shower, lunch, chill/admin, second session, shower, dinner, recovery and TV, sleep, repeat!

I’ve got used to the new routine now so managing to get on top of day to day things and push on with some more home improvement projects (at a slow rate).

Ready to get back on the squash court though!!

How’s your weight:


What have you found hardest to find supplies of ? (and/or missed the most) ?

Compost to plant some veg and herbs in the garden! I finally got some yesterday.

What are you most worried about ?


What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted ?

Go for a meal out!

Thoughts on England’s performance in the Fantasy European Teams ?

It was expected, we know by now everyone hates the English!

Coronavirus in three words ?

Dystopia, online shopping, reflection


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