Coping with containment : Jazz Hutton

The Garden Centres may be open in the UK, but as far as squash is concerned the Lockdown is still very much on … how has rising star and Nationals Finalist Jasmine Hutton been getting on ???

Jasmine Hutton

Best thing about containment ?

So far, I hope I haven’t jinxed it, but the weather !!!

Worst thing about containment ?

Not being able to see my family

Your favourite indoor games (and your skill level!) ?

“Virtual tennis, my ranking is higher than my squash one currently!

Zoom pub quiz, best way to keep in touch with friends and family and some competition. I only seem to do well when Charlie is on my team !

What have you added to your training routines to keep your fitness ?

I’ve been enjoying doing a lot more outdoor running, and lots of volley practice in the garden! 

Which other player(s) would you MOST and LEAST like to be quarantined with ?

Cruel question, I don’t think I can answer!

Have you settled into a routine yet ?

Yes I think so, we’re just taking it a day at a time

How’s your weight:


What have you found hardest to find supplies of ? (and/or missed the most) ?

Gym equipment!! It’s sold out everywhere! Lucky we have enough stuff to use and keep going but every time I look online there’s nothing left!

What are you most worried about ?


What’s the best (or worst) thing you’ve cooked ?

A delicious if I say so myself, lemon drizzle cake!

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the lockdown is lifted ?

See my family and hit a squash ball!

Coronavirus in three words ?

Hard – because hating not seeing my family
Thankful – for all staff working on the front line saving lives and keeping us safe
Lucky – I’m very lucky to be in a nice house, with a garden, enough food, I won’t take the littlest things we were able to do before this for granted

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Hungry for more : PSA interview

England’s World No.47 Jasmine Hutton has been making strides up the Women’s World Rankings and when the current season was frozen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was sitting at her highest ranking to date.

The 21-year-old has now become a consistent feature at the major events on the PSA World Tour and in October last year broke into the top 50 in the world for the first time, but Hutton insisted that her main aim is to become competitive at the big events and climb up the rankings.

“I am happy that I’ve broken into the top 50 and started making the platinum events, but I’m not satisfied.

“I want to keep climbing and that will only happen by beating players above me. It’s a nice feeling for sure [to be playing at major events]. I don’t want to necessarily say I’m proud of it because I don’t want to just be competing in these events, I want the wins. I’m getting closer and I have had a couple of near misses, I am confident this will happen soon.

“I sometimes forget that I am only 21. I am proud of what I have achieved already, and I have big ambitions, I am well aware of the many challenges I’ll have to face on the way, but I am very positive about the future.”

Jazz has also made on impact on the PSA Challenge Tour circuit, reaching the final of both the Nash Cup and London Open, narrowly missing out to France’s Melissa Alves and USA’s Sabrina Sobhy, respectively.

“I’ve made a couple of finals which has been pleasing. I also started making it into a few of the big events and put some promising performances in. Although It has been frustrating to not have won yet, I have gained a lot purely from being at these events and being around the top players. I’m confident that the wins will come soon.

“I love the Nash Cup, it’s a great event and the members and my billet always make me feel at home. I think that gives you such an advantage and allows you to put all your energy into your matches.

“I remember Nash Cup was my first event of the season and I had a shaky start in my first round, but once I got that match under my belt I felt really solid. I lost to Melissa in the final, she was too good and I didn’t feel like I played my best.

“In London I played well, it was a nice feeling being able to play somewhere so close to home and I was pleased that I got better and better as the tournament went on. As I get more used to making the latter stages of the bigger events, I hope to be more comfortable and be able to play my best squash in those matches.”

With the PSA World Tour currently frozen like many sports due to the effects of COVID-19, Hutton insists she is remaining positive and is excited for what’s to come in her squash career.

“I sometimes forget that I am only 21. I am proud of what I have achieved already, and I have big ambitions.

“I am well aware of the many challenges I’ll have to face on the way, but I am very positive about the future.”

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