Deception with Nick Matthew

Deception with Nick Matthew

The art of deception is a fascinating subject and one that is frequently misunderstood… People often mistake it for fancy wrist work or head fakes when in reality it’s about good preparation and clever timing of your movement.

In this week’s brand new series on SquashSkills, three-time World Champion, Nick Matthew, teaches you how to develop your deceptive abilities. He offers tips and tricks that he learned and developed over the course of his illustrious career.

Nick explains how he wasn’t a naturally deceptive player in the early part of his career, and that he used ‘deception’ as a tactic to deploy against specific players. By the end of his career, it was fully engrained within nearly every shot he played as he strived to create more options and sow the seeds of doubt in his opponent’s minds as he approached the ball.

This is a fascinating playlist, delivered by one of the game’s greatest players. If you want to add the ability to send players the wrong way and finish off rallies more efficiently, be sure to check it out!

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