Dutch PSL : Men’s Semi-Finals

Victoria and Twente take away leads in semis

In the first semi-final round of the playoffs, the matchups were exciting… Until Youssef Soliman was forced to withdraw, leaving Frans Otten Stadium depleted for their match against Coulisse Twente.

It turned into a slaughter where Sebastiaan Hofman was the only player from Frans Otten who managed to reach a game ball. The atmosphere, however, was still electric with a packed crowd in the stands, off-court entertainment, and big names like Raphael Kandra, Simon Rösner, LJ Anjema, and Omar Meguid showcasing their skills on the court.

Despite suffering a heavy blow with a score of 0-9, the atmosphere remained vibrant. The oohs and aahs filled the air as Omar Meguid moved around the court. It is safe to say however that Frans Otten is completely outmatched for the returnmatch.

In The Hague, a completely different match unfolded. Houtrust and Victoria kept it suspenseful until the very end. Joeri Hapers, representing Victoria, won the first match against Arno Diekman. Ivan Perez leveled the score by defeating Jakub Solnicky in the second match, setting the stage for the deciding match between Sam Gerrits and Piëdro Schweertman.

A rematch of the Dutch Championship final earlier this year. After a battle lasting 5 games, Schweertman managed to clinch the crucial fifth game, securing the final score at 9-5. A huge relief for Victoria, but also a strong position for Houtrust, who will play next week in the lion’s den.


Explosive line-ups in tonight’s first leg of the DPSL semifinals as Victoria and Twente enter the action, away to Houtrust and Frans Otten.

On paper Victoria Rotterdam and Coulisse Twente should be victorious today, but both of them face some stiff competition in an away match situation so just about anything can happen.

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