SquashSkills : A Bronx Tale

SquashSkills presents: A Bronx Tale

“A great story about people and squash emerged.

All we had to do was tell it.”     Jethro Binns, SquashSkills Founder

On Sunday 7th June SquashSkills unveiled the free digital premiere of A Bronx Tale. This documentary takes us to New York to meet coach Bryan Patterson where we learn about his experiences teaching squash to kids from The Bronx.

“… he cried, then we cried! It was apparent that there was a bigger story waiting to be told, bigger than what we had first set out to do.”

A Bronx Tale is full of heart, reinforcing the power of sport and how it (and squash in particular) can improve lives. In the film, we also hear from Tim Wyant, the founder of CitySquash and his mission is to democratise the game of squash, bringing it to communities from disadvantaged backgrounds in the US and across the world.

We also hear from the kids themselves and how Bryan and CitySquash have made a positive impact on their lives.