SquashSkills Camp with Paul Coll

SquashSkills Camp with Paul Coll 💥

SquashSkills camps are back! And what better way to kick things off than in Amsterdam with the new World Number One (elect), Paul Coll, and the SquashSkills team on 23rd-24th April.

Over the last couple of years, Paul has become a master tactician and has developed his game under the guidance of Rob Owen to cement his position at the top of the men’s game.

The campers will spend the weekend diving into the changes that Paul has made and translating them into tangible takeaways for attendees to implement into their own games.

This is an amazing opportunity to work alongside the best player in the world and get a complete understanding of how to improve your own game.

Paul will join the camp on Saturday 23rd and as ever, the SquashSkills coaching team consisting of Lee Drew, Jethro Binns, and Gary Nisbet will be on hand to deliver each session over the weekend, ensuring that all players understand how to make effective changes to their own games.