SquashSkills : Forehand technique with Jethro

Forehand technique session with Jethro Binns

In this week’s brand new series we get back on court with legendary amateur player Paul Miles to take a close look a the biomechanics of the forehand swing.

This playlist mirrors the structure of the incredibly popular backhand series that SquashSkills released just before Christmas. We focus in on a number of core components of the forehand swing and watch Paul make adjustments over the course of the session.

The result of the work done sees Paul hitting with a much greater degree of accuracy, power and consistency.

Thanks again Jethro!! I can’t even begin to tell you how much my backhand has improved. My technique is so much better and I can hit the ball so much more accurately then i did before.

I also learned from you that I can hit the ball with “effortless” power. I never in my wildest dreams imagined i can hit the ball like this. Your coaching has had a tremendous effect on my game.