Counter drops & trickle boasts with Jethro Binns!

Counter drops & trickle boasts with Jethro Binns!

Being able to counter-attack effectively is an important part of the game. If your opponent takes you to the front of the court it’s great to have attacking options up your sleeve that immediately put pressure back on the other player.

When played effectively, the trickle boast can be an incredibly effective weapon in the amateur game. It’s a shot that rocks your opponent back on their heels before quickly dying near the front wall. We’ve seen it used to devastating effect on SquashSkills camps and has been a real eye-opener for some players.

Equally the counter drop is a shot that makes the court long and drags your opponent all the way to the front of the court.

In this week’s new playlist on SquashSkills, Jethro explains how to execute both shots from a number of different scenarios.