SAVE 40% and get ready for the new & improved SquashSkills

SAVE 40% and get ready for the new & improved SquashSkills

To celebrate SquashSkills’ 10th birthday, plus the upcoming launch of their new website, mobile apps and a new look, they’re inviting you to sign up to an annual subscription, with a whopping 40% saving!

SquashSkills is currently working on the finishing touches before unveiling what will be a massive step forward for SquashSkills, especially for the community striving to improve their game.

Along with a new website, SquashSkills subscribers will soon have access to two new mobile dedicated apps, SquashSkills Coaching, and SquashSkills Training (both available on iOS & Android).

📱 The SquashSkills Coaching app takes inspiration from market-leading Video-On-Demand platforms such as Netflix and will host all of our coaching videos, documentaries, interviews, and podcasts. Browsing our full library of coaching content will become much easier and more enjoyable,

📱 The SquashSkills Training app is where you’ll put the knowledge and tips you’ve gained into practice. It totally reimagines how SquashSkills provided squash and fitness sessions, letting you programme your training calendar to fit around your life. SquashSkills will be adding new sessions all the time, as well as training programmes to help you reach your goals.

SquashSkills is so excited to show you what they’ve been working on, and are confident that they will provide an unparalleled coaching and training experience, not matter what your level of experience or ability.

The team very much hopes you’ll be able to get your hands on the all-new SquashSkills in August, and will keep you updated when they have more information.