How to develop a stronger mindset for squash

How to develop a stronger mindset for squash

In this week’s brand new series on SquashSkills Jesse Engelbrecht introduces the 4 A’s, a psychological concept developed by legendary coach George Mumford, which helps athletes deal with any situation that may arise, no matter how tough.

With a Masters degree in Sports Psychology and having founded SquashMind, Jesse is passionate about the impact that mindfulness and mental toughness can have for every squash player.

In this playlist, Jesse dives into each of the ‘4 A’s’; Awareness, Acceptance, Action, and Assessment, demonstrating how to use them for your own mind in order to maximise performance.

This toolkit is incredibly valuable not only for your on-court awareness, game planning, focus, strategies and execution, but also for many aspects of life away from the court. Once you are aware of the power of the 4 A’s you can begin to practice it daily, and see the profound effect it can have on your wellbeing.