How to take control of your game – with Lee Drew

New playlist: How to take control of your game – With Lee Drew

Playing good squash is all about control! Paul Coll has been an amazing example of this in recent times. Over the last 3 years, his game has developed immensely, with old footage showing an amazing athlete who used his physicality to play at pace and make incredible retrievals. Whilst this was hard to break down, it meant that he wasn’t winning major events because he was doing so much work.

If you watch him play now, he looks in control nearly all of the time. Each action he takes is measured and thought through. The effects of this on his results have been obvious in recent months!

Throughout this playlist, you’ll learn how to control your footwork, your position on the ball, your pace, and then most important of all, how to make these processes repeatable.

This playlist will help you get control of your game, control of the ball, and in turn, control of your opponent, and that’s where the fun begins…