Dutch PSL Round Four

Dutch PSL - Men's Round Four

Group 1 :  Almere 0-3 Van Herk (3-12)  |   Victoria 3-0 ‘Meersquash (12-0)
Group 2 :   Twente 3-0 Houtrust (12-3)  |   Utrecht 1-2 Apeldoorn (3-11)

Victoria and Twente score crushing wins to take charge

Round 4 of the Dutch PSL did not give us any upset results, despite having some very entertaining matches. However, some wins were so big they could be categorized as upsets nevertheless. Especially since these matches had some real impact on the poule standings.

In Group 1 Ridderkerk, as expected, beat Squash Almere winning all three matches and sealing the deal with a 12-3 victory. On the court in Rotterdam a more determining match took place between Victoria and ‘Meersquash. In case of a loss it would be very important for ‘Meersquash to get at least 2 points, to stay in range of Frans Otten Stadium who have a big chance of getting a big win against Almere next round. However, they were totally crushed by the Rotterdam formation, consisting of Piedro Schweertman, Joeri Hapers and Knut Hogervorst.

The Group 2 the match between Twente and Houtrust, the two contenders for the top position of the poule, ended in a devastating loss for Houtrust. Sam Gerrits and Ivan Perez losing to Yuri Fernati and Rowan Damming was in line with expectations, despite the results were very close. But Raphael Kandra beating Baptiste Masotti could be regarded as a small surprise. In the second match Apeldoorn strenghtend its hold on third position beating Utrecht 11-3.

Overall Twente and Victoria are lining up for winning their groups. In group 1 the battle for places 2 and 3 remains an exciting battle between three teams. In group 2 only a miracle can keep Apeldoorn from taking third place. But there’s four matches left to go, so there’s no space for leaning back.