Dutch PSL : Women’s Round Four

Round four of the Dutch ladies PSL didn’t cause any changes in the standings of the league, though Frans Otten Stadium lost some ground and ‘Meersquash closed in in the top placings.

Dutch PSL : Women's Rond Four

‘Meersquash 3-0 Rixax Almere (12-1)
KPI Squash Utrecht 2-1 Frans Otten Stadion (10-3)
SquashTime Eindhoven 1-2 Victoria Rotterdam (6-10)

Big match of the evening was of course between SquashTime Eindhoven and league leaders Victoria Rotterdam. Victoria had he better cards but saw Saskia Beinhard cause a big upset beating Fleur Maas 3-1 and evening out the score. Now it all came down to the last match between Milou van der Heijden and Nadia Pfister. And after being down 1-2 it was eventually Pfister who secured the win for Rotterdam.

Next week the spotlight will be on the encounter between Squashtime Eindhoven and Squash Utrecht to see who can stay in Victoria’s steps …

Preview :

The fourth round of the Dutch women PSL could very well turn out to be an interesting evening – the league’s top four are within close range of each other and all have the means to keep the machine running till the bitter end.

Although the bottom two teams are be a bit behind, they play each other so there are definitely opportunities for one of them to gain on the top four.

That last match is between Squash Almere and ‘Meersquash. ‘Meersquash has a team with very talented girls that could very well make it to the PSA top 50 in a year or two. But they are still young and possibly too unexperienced to beat their Almere opponents. This match could go either way, so very well worth watching.

The match between Squash Utrecht and Frans Otten Stadion sees the teams in fourth and second meet, although Utrecht have a match in hand. Utrecht is planning to make a big move lining up Sarah-Jane Perry. But Frans Otten looks prepared to withstand the attack and actually jump over Utrecht in the rankings.

The third match is between third placed Squashtime Eindhoven and top of the table Victoria Rotterdam. Rotterdam looks to hold the better cards, but they’re expected to have a tough in the lionesses den. Lucky for Victoria they’re six points ahead of the competition, but nevertheless a win would very welcome in prolonging their championship.