Creative Court Cleaning

The Summer is a great time to get your club’s courts tidied up, and if cleaning the walls is boring work, well it may be that Klaus Högner from the Squash Pit in Germering, Germany has the answer.

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Squash Pit – fantasy trip in the Squash Museum

When you enter the Squash Pit in Germering, southwest of Munich in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck, you feel as if time has stopped. Rackets of the past 40 years hang on the walls, everywhere lovingly arranged antiques invite you to a time travel.

For a few days this summer, the charming resort has become even more attractive: works of art adorn the otherwise gray court walls.

The center has existed for 40 years and these walls have always served one purpose, a purely functional one: squash, squash and squash! Rubber rim around rubber edge have left the customers since the last cleaning again their ball abrasion on our court walls.

After cleaning the fifth court, after several hundred square meters of scrubbed wall surface, one feels – well, a little dulled at best. Then the imagination answers and the “creative streak” slowly and emphatically demands your right back.

But, where do you start when you start with it? With Adam and Eve. Thus Court 3 now adorns the biblical origin of humanity, with the addition of a squash racket and an oversized ball.

Court 2 became an idyllic arrangement of various nature scenes, from underwater to the airborne bird. In Court 1, we arrived in space, since the squash balls fly through space.

“Currently, our center has become a small temporary squash court fantasy journey,” says Högner about his work.

“In a very analogous way and from the inside. Naturally, the performative principle of the whole involves the gradual destruction of the gallery and slowly the signs are condensing. Born of rubber and back to rubber.”

We’d love to see more examples of Creative Court Cleaning … send them in !!!